Data for a distributed mobile age

Accessible, real-time, secure. These are the demands of a data driven economy, the prerequisites of turning data into insights.

The moxite®-Technology is a highly scalable method for replication of data from diverse and geographically independent data sources, greatly reducing application development cost and effort for the multitude of stationary and mobile devices, while ensuring the maximum in data security and optimised data transfer.


Intelligent roles and cascading hierachies ensure synchronised data.


Optimised and selective troughput for both low bandwidth connections and high load backend connectivity.


Unique field level access rights according to user, device and connection type.


All distributed components and devices are controlled through a common administration.


The modular approach allows for unlimited scale and reach.


A multitude of components may be joined together, e.g. to connect multiple branches of a company.


Real-time insights into flow, usage, interruptions, etc.


Connect data sources, independent of location, format or connection.


The moxiteServer® consists of various dedicated modules that jointly offer an easily configurable solution for integrating and mobilising data.

Patented Technology

The moxite® patent describes a highly scalable method for replication of data from diverse and geographically independent data sources.


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Current state of the market and future trends

Consumers and professionals demand access to their data irrespective of their location or the device they currently have available.

Information needs to be mobile - the importance of wired Desktop PCs is on the decline.

Smart mobile devices see an exponential growth; smartphones, tablets and laptops are quickly becoming the preferred computing devices amongst consumers and professionals.

Increasing demand for bandwidth will lead to expensive connection costs and bandwidth throttling in the future.

Conflicting market requirements

Diverse mobile devices (operating system, display size and aspect ratio) dictate individual development for each target device

Expensive connection costs and interrupted connection to the internet due to unavailable mobile infrastructure

Different devices offer different connection speeds and are predisposed to different security risks, e.g. a Smartphone is easily stolen or lost together with sensitive information.

The alternative

moxite®, backed by its patented technology1, can address these issues by offering a client / server based approach in which

  • an intelligent replication system and client/server based architecture allows for offline usage of software

  • data is kept in sync between devices in use or exchanged in a transaction based push or pull method

  • rapid application development is possible by
    • keeping the business logic in the wired and mobile clients identical, independent of device
    • field level user rights management on the server, determining who may access what
    • field level access rights according to device, offering the ability to prohibit the transmission of sensitive data to high risk devices
    • field level access rights by connection type, allow for the throttling of data transfer on slow or expensive connections

  • compression and encryption of transferred data is given

  • common administration for all connected devices is given

  • version control over backend as well as client side applications is given

  • the individual components are unlimited in their scalability

  • the individual components are not bound to location in relation to each other

  • a multitude of components may be joined together, e.g. to connect multiple branches of a company
(1) Patent granted in Europe, the USA and PR China.

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