Product advantages and user examples

The moxiteServer™ solution offers data integration and up to date information at any time and location. The resulting advantages and the functional applications in a business environment are manyfold. Here are some examples

Elimination of unproductive work

  • Transfer time for field data to backend system substantially reduced
  • Wrong orders / redundancies kept to minimum
  • Less time for reporting required
  • Reduction of back-office research instances and effort
  • Travel time can be optimized
  • Reduction of data capturing processes

Reduction of process cycle times

  • Faster billing possibility results in enhanced liquidity
  • More up to date usage data and therefore higher availability of assets
  • Less coordination time and fewer meetings
  • Higher reliability of on-the-spot information
  • Easier updating in all situations
  • Order execution can be kicked off faster

Lowering of failure rate caused by data miscapture

  • Transfer miscommunication is technically impossible
  • No media break once the data has been entered remote
  • Data entry mistakes can be logically excluded
  • Joint teams - even from different companies - can work on one common set of data

Service and comfort improvement

  • Smaller Hardware required
  • Lowered uncertainty level of mobile staff
  • Ease of use and administration of solution
  • Actuality of data is permanently high
  • Support from backend constantly available
  • Customer and order data can be applied individually
  • Faster response on requests - hence greater customer satisfaction

Improved management possibilities

  • More efficient controlling - actual information, meaningful consolidated at any time
  • Optimal utilisation of staff and assets
  • Faster reaction possibilities lead to higher mobile and staff satisfaction

Areas of use

  • Mobile asset management
  • Project management
  • Mobile sales force
  • Technical service and inhouse maintenance
  • Medical and geriatric care services
  • Transport / logistics
  • Consumption data collection
  • Materials management and warehousing

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