About us

Since more than 20 years the moxite® team designs leading edge solutions at the intersection of databases, communications and operating systems. Our substantial experience in the field as well as the recognition of many customers' frustration about expense and inflexibility of their data and mobility solutions has lead us to develop a product suite, that - like a 'passe-partout' - serves as a simple and cost efficient solution to integrate and mobilise any kind of structured data that requires no programming and no investment in hardware, and that can operate in almost every legacy system.

Following this objective moxite® has focused from the very start on the key customer benefit of mobility - just relevant information. We have consciously aimed at not designing a tool for mobilising complete applications or entire databases; "open standards" have been strictly avoided throughout the entire system. Following these rules we have succeeded in creating a fair value solution that can be applied in a broad spectrum of situations and offers highest security standards.

moxite GmbH as a development and support company has been founded for this pupose by Roland Watterott and some investors in 2002 in Munich, Germany. Today the development center is located south of Munich close to the Lake Starnberg.

moxite® solutions have been actively marketed since late 2003. The moxite® development team constantly follows the most recent developments in the international communications and data processing community to extend the existing advantage in technology and cost against other products and approaches in the market.

We believe in efficient solutions – simplicity wins!

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